Treatment Plans at Prana Endura. Let’s Help You Finally Feel Better.

By Jenni Miller, CMT, RYT, and Owner of Prana Endura Wellness Center

As a therapeutic massage professional I work on deep postural issues and chronic pain regularly.

At least once every work day someone gets on my massage table and in the first few minutes that I work on them I can see what it is that I am up against — a deeply entrenched postural pattern that I know will take more than one session to ease.

Often clients are unaware of why a single session won’t fix the problem, and don’t space out sessions on their own in a way that maximizes results. Even if clients do come regularly, they may still not be scheduling their sessions in a way that will provide them the most relief in the long term.

The Problem:

Posture patterns take years to develop. Sometimes a client will tell me that they’ve been having tension headaches for twenty years before they became so bad they finally sought help.

What does this mean? It means that clients are coming in for a massage with twenty years of an accumulating problem.

Just as you cannot diet for a day and lose weight, you cannot get a single massage to cure all your deep muscle woes. Many times, clients will walk away from their initial sessions feeling vastly better. They become loyal clients. But often we find ourselves repeating the same session again and again to keep them just beyond the grip of pain.

Reality Check:

The truth is, to break bad muscle memory patterns and build off of the results that we gain in a session, it’s best to schedule out follow up sessions a maximum of a week or two weeks. But after a first session many clients just walk out the door. They may even know they want or need another session, but get caught up in work, and kids, and life. It happens. It is so easy to do!

What I realized is that part of my job is to lay out a game plan to get you the best results. If massage can help you get out of pain, I need to outline a better schedule for how.


The Solution:

Stop managing pain haphazardly and develop


My therapists and I want to offer you a solid treatment plan. We want to map it out and explain everything that we’re going to do beforehand, and offer you a discount on your session price. We will agree on how many sessions and schedule them out ahead of time. To help hold you accountable, all sessions will be prepaid, and we will touch bases during your treatment to ensure that your care is moving forward. Isn’t it time to get serious about your health?

Want to get started? Schedule any length massage session. After that session any of our therapists can come up with a treatment plan designed specifically for you, for a clear, upfront price.

I think you’re going to love discovering how good your body can feel.

Isn’t it time that you take care of yourself?