So Are You Open Yet?

Hello folks! I know that a lot of you are very anxious to get back on our tables, and I promise we are just as anxious to get back to work, but we aren’t able to reopen just yet.

Currently Butte County is in Phase 2. Massage will not be permitted to re-open until they announce Phase 3. Details on the plan and what is and is not included at each phase can be found at

It’s my understanding that local law enforcement is not enforcing this very strictly. However, my liability insurance provider has made it very clear that we are not covered if we are working in defiance of the stay at home order. CAMTC has also made it very clear that we risk losing our certifications if found to be working in defiance of the stay at home order.

If local numbers stay steady we are hopeful that phase 3 will be announced sooner rather than later, and we have already begun prepping our space to be compliant with social distancing protocols.

In the meantime, our books are still open as of May 24 and you are welcome to make an appointment with the caveat that if phase 3 is delayed we will need to reschedule your appointment.

I also have a waitlist of people who would like a phone call as soon as we have a definitive re-open date. If you’d like to be included on that list text your name and your request for a call to (530) 520-3459 and I will add you.

We appreciate everyone who has been checking in with us throughout the order and we are so looking forward to getting back to work and as soon as we have a definitive date.

Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you soon!

Caitlin @ Prana Endura