Our New “Get a Feel for Feet” Beginning Ashiatsu Workshop

Are you a CMT who has been curious to learn how to massage with your feet?

Perhaps you’ve been eyeing taking one of our Ashiatsu courses at Prana Endura but have been hesitant? Try our new introductory workshop and get a feel for feet!

This hour and a half workshop offers a chance for CMTs to experiment with massaging with their feet in a safe, supportive environment. Learn a bit about the history and technique of this unique modality, and experience what it feels like to give a warm-up Ashiatsu session while seated comfortably on the floor. This gives the practitioner a lot of support and safety to begin developing a sense of comfort and ease in using feet as tools. (This class is meant to be an introduction to the modality and CE credit will not be available for this workshop. However, CE credit is available for all our 3-day Ashiatsu course enrollments. Learn more at www.pranaendura.com)

Regular cost for attending the workshop is $30.
The VIP package is $60.

Why VIP?

Curious what it’s like to stand on a massage table and hold the bars yourself? Or maybe you’d like to experience the warm-up routine from a professional? Purchasing the VIP package includes the regular workshop fee, but it also includes…

1) A one-on-one session with the instructor to experience the workshop routine from a seasoned professional.

2) A chance for you to stand on a massage table, hold the bars, and get a different view on where your massage career could take you.

To sign up for the workshop, please check our class schedule for dates!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jenni at Prana Endura. You can send an email to pranaendura@gmail.com or call (530) 520-3459.