We’re (Almost) Back!

As of today (May 28th) Governor Newsom has advised CAMTC that massage therapy can open up alongside and under the same recommendations as hair salons and barbershops. We’ll be taking a couple of days to ensure that the space is ready for us to resume offering services, but we will officially be open again Sunday,… Read more »

So Are You Open Yet?

Hello folks! I know that a lot of you are very anxious to get back on our tables, and I promise we are just as anxious to get back to work, but we aren’t able to reopen just yet. Currently Butte County is in Phase 2. Massage will not be permitted to re-open until they… Read more »

We Are Working On Website ADA Compliance!

We recently became aware that some aspects of our website may not be fully accessible to individuals of varying abilities. We believe in full access to massage services for all individuals who are in need of care, and proudly serve a diverse clientele with varying needs. We are working with our web developer to make… Read more »

So… What Does “Prana Endura” Mean?

By Jenni Miller   We receive this question a lot from clients. “Prana Endura? What does that mean?” Well, the answer is actually pretty convoluted, because the word and idea of Prana does not necessarily have a literal translation into English. The concept is quite philosophical. There is an old story from the Vedas, a collection… Read more »

Couples Massage Workshops at Prana Endura

By Jenni Miller   For all the couples out there: At Prana Endura Wellness Center, we’ve begun to offer a regular workshop for couples (and pairs of friends) to learn to massage each other with techniques that massage pros use! While this offers an opportunity for individuals to learn how to massage effectively and for… Read more »

CMTs: Benefits of Learning Ashiatsu

When some people hear of Ashiatsu they think of it as a novelty… “Oh, so you walk on people’s backs?” I often have people ask me this, and I have to explain to them that it’s much more complex than that. It truly is massaging people with your feet, and it is an incredibly versatile… Read more »