What Does Integrative Mean?

Here at Prana Endura our most commonly booked massage is a 60 or 90 minute Integrative session. But what does that word actually mean?

An Integrative Session involves the integration of techniques from a number of massage modalities. Most commonly: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Trigger Point, and Ashiatsu. 

Essentially booking an integrative session is opening up the opportunity for a therapist to use any and all appropriate techniques and modalities based on your medical intake paperwork. An integrative massage is essentially a customized bodywork session. Whenever a new client calls and says they’re not sure what type of massage to book, this is where we point them.

However, there are two exceptions to the integrative rule:

A woman performs manual lymphatic drainage massage by applying very gentle pressure to another woman's belly just above the cisterna chyli
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is typically not mixed with other modalities because we are not actually massaging the muscular system. Instead the therapist is manipulating the lymph system which is just underneath the skin. Modalities designed to impact deeper tissues like muscle or fascia would actually compress and temporarily slow the lymph system.

A woman performs a prenatal massage on a pregnant woman who is lying on her side propped up by pillows.
Prenatal massage

If you are pregnant we can still perform a customized session using a blend of techniques, but all sessions for pregnant clients should be booked as Prenatal. Lying prone or supine is contraindicated for most pregnant people during the majority of their pregnancy. Your session will likely be completed in a side-lying position propped up with additional pillows. By booking prenatal you are giving the therapist the opportunity to have those extra tools prepped and ready when you arrive for your appointment. 

Beyond those two cases most modalities can be integrated into a single session providing the most safe and effective massage possible. Of course, if you’re ever in doubt: call, text, or email to ask!