Author: Caitlin Linscheid

The benefits of massage for mental health

In today’s fast-paced and stress-laden world, the pursuit of mental well-being has become increasingly important. While talk therapy and medication are commonly known approaches, another powerful ally in promoting mental health is often overlooked: massage therapy. Massage and mental health go hand in hand. Beyond its physical benefits, massage therapy has been shown to positively… Read more »

The benefits of massage therapy for athletes

Massage therapy is a powerful tool that athletes can utilize to enhance their performance, aid in recovery, and promote overall well-being. By targeting specific areas of the body, massage therapists can alleviate muscle tension, reduce the risk of injury, and optimize athletic potential. We offer a range of modalities at Prana Endura. If you’re an… Read more »

The power of energy massage

We live in a fast-paced world these days, and many of us constantly deal with stress, which can impact the body mentally and physically. So, it’s essential to find effective ways to rejuvenate and heal both our minds and bodies. An excellent way to do this is through energy massage, which is one of the… Read more »

The benefits of hot stone massage therapy

Massage therapy has long been celebrated for promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and improving overall well-being. Among the various techniques used in massage, hot stone massage therapy has gained significant popularity in recent years. This ancient practice involves the strategic placement of heated basalt stones to provide relaxing heat and long, flowing strokes. We will explore… Read more »

What is a Thai yoga massage? 

At Prana Endura, we offer a range of modalities to promote both the physical and mental well-being of our clients. We offer more traditional massages, such as Swedish and deep tissue massages. We also offer less common modalities, such as reiki and Thai yoga massage. What is a Thai yoga massage, you might be wondering?… Read more »

What is ashiatsu massage? 

ashiatsu massage

You may have heard of massages where therapists use their feet to massage clients. This technique is referred to as ashiatsu and is one of the many services we offer at Prana Endura. The Japanese word translates to foot pressure, with ashi meaning foot and atsu meaning pressure. Some people might be apprehensive about ashiatsu,… Read more »

What is Reiki, and how does it work?

person receiving reiki healing therapy

At Prana Endura, we offer various services to help our clients heal physically and mentally. While we largely offer massage therapy, we also offer services such as Reiki. We use Reiki healing therapy to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. We’ll cover what Reiki is, its benefits, and techniques used for healing. What is… Read more »

Lymphatic massage and how it works

woman getting neck massage

At Prana Endura, we truly believe in the power of massage to help heal the body and relieve pain and discomfort. Sometimes, parts of our body don’t function and flow as they’re meant to, and massage can help put things back into place and flow properly.